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Kuopio Cultural History Museum

We are the provincial museum of Northern Savonia whose purpose is to maintain museum functions in Kuopio and elsewhere in the province. It is our responsibility to present and display prehistory, history, folk life and other cultural history of Kuopio and Northern Savonia as well as to promote the preservation of artifacts and built cultural environments in the region. The museum was founded in 1884.

Wi-Fi PAN Kuopio is accessible throughout the museum. In terms of information security, we would like to remind you that the internet connection is open to everyone and the museum is not liable for any problems or damages caused by it.


2016 Exhibitions and Events

New Archeological Exhibit

Kuva: Museovirasto Come and take a peek at a face from the Stone Age and to admire the design and craftsmanship from thousands of years ago. A human-faced holed stone and a bent chisel that were found from Kiuruvesi are now on display for the first time in Northern Savonia. On display are also some of the oldest known stone artifacts from circa 10,000 years ago. These items are located on the 3rd floor of the museum as part of the prehistoric display until the end of 2016.

Picture: Ilari Järvinen/ Finnish National Board of Antiquities



Voiceless Guides

Kuopio 240 years.

The city of Kuopio had its 240th birthday on 17th of November 2015. To celebrate this, you can get acquainted with different Kuopio street signs from over the years in this exhibit. There is also a projected short film showing interesting buildings and the development of the city.

In pictures, Voiceless Guides tells how Kuopio has grown during its long history. You can walk on the streets of already by-gone Kuopio, which were bordered by an array of signs. Large aerial photographs from over half a century ago also depict the formation of suburbs around the city center.

The exhibit also includes toy cars and other such vehicles from the museum collections that have now been put amidst the cityscape.


On the First Line of Defense

Traces of the First World War in Northern Savonia

It is 1915. World War I broke out in the August of 1914 and the Russian army is now fighting against Germany and Austria-Hungary on the eastern front. The threat of a possible German attack via Finland into St. Petersburg raises the concern about the Russian capital's defense. Consequently, defense lines are built in inner parts of Finland to secure it. The westernmost of them, also known as the first line of defense, goes through Northern Savonia.

On the First Line of Defense takes its viewer a century back in time and it portrays a moment in a trench. The exhibit displays trench warfare with the means of reconstruction, photographs, sketches and artifacts. The important goal of the exhibit is to encourage the viewer to go and explore these still visible signs of fortresses in the local terrain.


Collections of Kuopio Cultural History Museum are on display on three different locations:

Kuopio Museum, Kauppakatu 23

The 3rd and 4th floors hold the Kuopio Cultural History Museum's main exhibits that showcase prehistory and settlement, local sources of livelihood and every-day life of Northern Savonia. In addition to these, there are changing exhibits on display. For more information, go to:www.kuopionmuseo.fi


Old Kuopio Museum, Kirkkokatu 22

Old Kuopio Museum consists of eleven old wooden houses on one individual block. The oldest of the buildings are from late 1700s and the youngest from the late 1800s. Their interiors portray living styles of different families from the 1800s to the 1930s. Some of the museum's gems include the pharmacy museum, the renowned local author Minna Canth's room as well as our changing exhibits. For more information, go to: www.korttelimuseo.kuopio.fi.


Home of J.V. Snellman, Snellmaninkatu 19

This museum is also known as the home of the renowned local thinker and political man, J.V. Snellman. He lived at this location for most of his residency in Kuopio from 1845 to 1849. The interior of the home consists of furniture and other possessions that once belonged to the Snellman family. For more information, go to: www.snellmanmuseo.kuopio.fi